What’s YOUR Fitness Journey?

We all have a unique story! Not one journey is the same and that is OKAY. I firmly believe social media has failed to highlight fitness as an empowering feat of strength, especially for women. Hour glass figures, and big butts can not lie. But in this instance they kinda did! I strive for all my clients to understand just how empowering lifting weight feels. Instead of nitpicking what your body looks like. Below are strong, brave, and inspiring women to show you if you put your mind to it, you to can achieve anything!

I hope you know your journey is unique, special, and motivational.


I always thought that doing cardio or HIIT style workouts would help to achieve my fitness goals. Now, fitness means more than staying and looking lean. I’ve developed correct form, changed my body composition, feel mentally and physically stronger than I ever have before. I have also eliminated my knee and back pain!

With Cassandra’s guidance I’m able to commit to something sustainable and it doesn’t feel overwhelming or impossible to do. Our sessions together are effective and fun. It is something I look forward to throughout the week! She is incredibly patient, understanding and open to hearing your fitness concerns, goals and keeping you on track with them. I am super happy to have her as my trainer!


My fitness journey has been a windy road. Growing up as a dancer and an athlete, fitness was always a part of my life. When I went to university, fitness was no longer one of my priorities, and when the pandemic hit, it took a toll on my body physically and emotionally. I started to become incredibly insecure of what my body looked like, wishing I could look like I did back in high school, and got to the point where I had accepted that there was nothing I could do to change it. When I insisted I got a gym membership as something to try during the pandemic, I started to use some of the cardio machines and fell in love with Zumba classes. Aside from the stationary bike and treadmill, I had no idea what I was doing. I felt intimidated by the equipment that I had no idea how to use and felt socially anxious in the presence of other people at the gym. 

Before training with Cassandra, I was on an intense program. It reached the point where I felt immense guilt for missing a day at the gym and was over-working my body, which was unsustainable for my lifestyle. Meals became incredibly stressful, and I lost the reason why I started working out, was to benefit my mental health. 

Cassandra has completely changed my outlook on fitness and has given me the tools and support to feel confident as a strong woman in the gym. She has taught me the value of listening to my body while encouraging me to push myself to the next level. Through weekly check-ins and feedback on videos that I send, Cassandra has given me such educational feedback, exercises and demonstrations. Fitness has now become a critical and enjoyable aspect of my life. Over these past few months of training, not once have I felt the need to step on a scale to see or justify results. Cassandra’s priority of listening to how my body feels versus how it looks is exactly what I need to feel my best self. I am beyond grateful to have Cassandra as a coach, she’s the best and I couldn’t have done this without her!


I have been training under Cassandra Carlucci’s guidance since April of 2022. I was motivated to improve my physical activity and strength after nearly 2 years of living in a pandemic setting: working from home, increased stress, living with uncertainty. I was not happy with the way I was thinking and feeling in my own body. I first participated in Cassandra’s “Lets feel 22 in 2022” challenge, where I completed her structured group training. It felt so refreshing and empowering to be back in the gym, working on both strength and mental clarity, setting persistent habits to take care of my body. I then signed up for 1:1 online training sessions, where Cassandra builds a customized training program based on my goals and meets with me once per week to discuss challenges, fears, forms, and progress. I am so proud of what I have accomplished with Cassandra’s help: I feel confident in the gym, I know how to properly use the machines and weights, I can lift more than I ever have been able to in my entire life, and I know what feels safe and right for my body (including proper form). Cassandra is an experienced trainer who works from a paradigm of empowerment. Her training programs have the right amount of challenge and burn! I will continue working with Cassandra to keep building strength across the life course.

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