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Our 3rd cycle of Bourn Babes Virtual Group Fitness begins on Monday May 9th! Embark on challenging and rewarding virtual training sessions that can be done when you want where ever you want! Although this program is virtual, just know there are a group of women who are working alongside you! (a gym membership is not required but keep in mind your programs is designed for at gym workouts!)

You can expect🧐

  • 6 week long training program!
  • Demonstration videos!
  • Communication! Email me, DM me, I am here for any question, comment or concern you may have!
  • The choice to schedule 30 minute bi-weekly check-in calls!
  • Supportive Community!

What you will get💪

  • 3 training sessions per week!
  • Establish better habits and carry them into your daily life!
  • Increase your overall strength and create better movement patterns!

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