Time to take this sweat Outside!

Welcome to Bourn Babes Technique Workshop!

Taking the time to teach you the basics that you personal trainer failed to coach you on🤭

During the 4 classes you will learn the fundamentals of how mobility and stability can benefit you, not only in the gym but also for day-to-day ease!

When 🤔

Starts Saturday May 7th! Time TBA

Will run every Saturday for the entire month of May!


Outdoor park on the Etobicoke/Mississauga boarder

Location disclosed upon sign up! Hint: Close to Etobicoke Lakeshore

What you will need

1️⃣ Your Body! 2️⃣ Yoga mat / Towel 3️⃣ Now let’s get to work 💪🏼

Workshop Breakdown

  1. Warm up 5 – 10 minutes ☀️
  2. Mobility / Technique Learning 20 – 25 minutes 👩‍🏫
  3. Applying what we learned to work 20 – 25 minutes 💪🏻
  4. Cool down 5 minutes! 😎


May 7th

Our focus – Hip Mobility!

Finding it hard to squat down to pick up your groceries? OR maybe your little fur baby?

Well during our hip mobility workshop you will learn specific stretches and ways to improve and strengthen your hips! Squatting or bending at your hips will feel easy breezy lemon squeezy!

May 14th

Our focus – Shoulder Mobility / Overhead Stability!

Can’t scratch that one annoying itchy spot on your back? Maybe feeling a little tight after a long days work?

You will learn stretches and ways to improve and strengthen your shoulders and back! Time to spread those wings and fly!

May 21st

Our focus – Unilateral / Balance!

As we get older our balance and single leg strength weakens. The best thing to do is challenge your body with movements we do not normally do day-to-day!

We want to feel 22! You will learn stretches and exercises that will assist in performing single arm/leg exercises. Keeping your balance in tip top shape!

May 28th

Our focus – Core stability!

Not only does a strong core feel good it also assists in keeping your spine healthy!

You will learn how to better engage and strengthen your core muscles with proper stability exercises. No hunch back of notre dame for me please!

Sign up here⬇️

$30.00 Sign up for 1 Class💪🏼

Participate as you please! (Just know there are only 8 spots and those who sign up for the full month have first dibs! I will reach out to you and confirm the class you would like to participate in!)


I just started my fitness journey, is this something that can benefit me? 🤔

Of course! Learning proper form/technique is key in creating a sturdy foundation when it comes to exercising. You want to make sure you are performing things properly and effectively to get the results you want!

What if the weather is not good?

Rain OR Shine we will be running the class! I have scouted out a park that has a structure to protect us from rain! Make sure to dress accordingly to the weather forecast👍🏼

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring your own yoga mat, or towel. Depending on the weather we will either be under a gazebo or on the grass. If it freshly rained the day before I will suggest brining something to place under the yoga mat so it does not get too dirty! 🌳

What happens if the class can not run that day?

You will be contacted no later than 6pm the night before if for any reason we need to cancel the class. The class will be postponed to the following Saturday, which will push everything back a weekend 🙈